Free Radio Birmingham & Great Hits Radio Announced as Official Media Partners for King Kong Park

Sophie Oldman, 13 July 2022

You may have already heard that the infamous King Kong is coming back to Birmingham for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. 

Cordia Blackswan has announced a new, official partner for King Kong Park – Free Radio Birmingham and Greatest Hits for the park, which will bring together the local community with a festival-style event.

King Kong will sit at the heart of the park, bringing together the local community, visitors, athletes and tourists to celebrate the city and Birmingham’s rich history. The 7m tall statue has been carefully crafted by Gloucestershire-based RoboCarv, and heralded by Birmingham’s very own Cordia Blackswan. 

As well as working alongside RoboCarv to deliver the iconic ape, Cordia Blackswan has worked closely with the original sculptor, Nicholas Monro, and his family to bring back an aesthetically identical version of King Kong. 

The park will run for the duration of the Games, hosting live music and providing street food and drink from 12pm – 11pm everyday. The park is easily accessible from Birmingham city centre and the wider West Midlands; Snow Hill Station is a seven-minute walk, while St. Paul’s tram station is just a two-minute walk away.

JD & Roisin from Free Radio’s ‘Hits at Breakfast’ said: “We’re so excited to welcome the legendary King Kong statue back to the city centre. As the Commonwealth Games approach, this new space is sure to be an incredible way to bring the community together, as we celebrate the most amazing summer of sport in Birmingham, and the West Midlands as a whole. 

“We can’t wait for the park to open – we’ll be sharing on the show what’s happening at the park each day, and look forward to seeing you down there!”

Jessica Vincent, Marketing Manager at Cordia Blackswan, said: “We are so excited to have Free Radio Birmingham and Greatest Hits Radio join us as the official media partner for King Kong Park at Great Hampton Row. As the park opens during the Summer holidays, our partnership is a fantastic way to get the message out to families across the West Midlands and beyond – that the park is totally free to attend. 

“Working together, we look forward to showcasing the return of King Kong to the city in the 50th anniversary year of his original visit. With Birmingham on the global stage, it’s the perfect time for him to bring Kong home.”

King Kong Park will open on 22nd July, with entertainment running from 12pm-11pm each day until 8th August. The park will be free to attend for all.

With footfall expected to be in excess of 52,000, we are already working with a number of leading brands. Businesses interested in getting involved with King Kong Park and showcasing their brand on the global stage, please contact for sponsorship opportunities. For more information, please visit the King Kong Park page.

Remember to follow King Kong on socials: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

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